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Lease Application

* By submitting this form you agree to the terms below.
NOTES: There shall be a $25.00 application fee. Two or more unrelated parties, on a single lease, must each fill out an application and prove capable of securing approval independently. An additional $200 per month will be required for a 3rd adult in the home. The Rate of a Lease Term of less than 12 months will be increased $100 per month. A Post-dated Check Addendum may be required.

CREDIT: A credit report on Applicant(s) may be obtained by Agent on behalf of Owner prior to execution of a lease. Applicant(s) consents to the obtaining of such credit report(s) and background investigation.

INSURANCE: Owner and Agent carry no insurance on the personal property of tenants. It is recommended that you obtain insurance coverage.

SECURITY DEPOSIT: All money deposited with this application will be held as a security deposit. This security deposit will not be refunded if Applicant's credit and references are approved by Agent and Applicant decides not to rent the house reserved for applicant. All of the security deposit will be refunded if Applicant's credit or references are not approved by Agent.

VERIFICATION: I represent that all of the information in this Rental Application is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge, and I acknowledge that Sexton Associates, Inc. will rely on this information in considering this application. Furthermore, in the event that Sexton Associates, Inc. determines that any of the foregoing information is false, I waive any rights that I may have under applicable law to notice or the establishment of grounds for eviction and grant Sexton Associates, Inc. the unconditional right to cancel my lease and immediately cause my eviction without prior notice or the establishment of grounds for eviction.

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